How to blend in after moving to a new country PART 2 @ Why I love Australia.

In my previous post How to blend in after moving to a new country, I discussed the tips and tricks I used to make moving across cities less intimidating.

I wrote about looking for friends from the same country, joining meetup groups, and meeting people that help connect you with others. Some people wanted to read about ways to blend in with the locals and requested me to write a post on that.

There is really only one tip on blending in with the locals - understanding and loving their culture. I was fortunate to have lived in New Zealand for 4 years during my uni years before moving to Sydney in 2013. New Zealanders or Kiwis have somewhat similar culture to the Australians - party, party and more party. Parties can look like Friday-after-work drinks, casual chats at bars, to messy house...

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